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This plot gives the player access to the Xenon Hub. According to Roguey, this plot was not added until v2.0 of X3AP, so any prior versions will most likely not have it. If you purchased the game on Steam, yours will almost assuredly be up to date.


In order to initialize the plot, the player must have completed the following:

  1. The player started the game with the Albion plot enabled, and the player must have completed the Albion plot.
  2. The player has attained the Boron rank of Queen's Guard or higher.
  3. The player must have found Atreus Headquarters.

The Plot Begins[edit]

Once the player has met all of the above prerequisites, they will receive the following message:

This is an automated message offering you, an esteemed friend of the Boron, the opportunity to work for Atreus Shipbuilding Currents in Queens Harbor. Please visit us to see what we can offer each other.

Once the player has received the message, they can travel to Atreus Headquarters in Queen's Harbor and contact Gili Tosi.