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A note on different expansions of the game: This wiki is meant to be comprehensive, and includes information from all expansions of X3 (Reunion, Terran Conflict, and Albion Prelude). Because there is a lot of overlapping information between all three, we decided it would be best to have one wiki for all of them, and merely note where things are different on their respective pages.

Races Sectors Corporations Stations Ships Weapons Equipment
Argon Argon Sectors OTAS Docks M1 Lasers Ship Equipment
Boron Boron Sectors Jonferco Factories M2 Missiles Ship Upgrades
Goner Goner Sectors Plutarch Misc M3 Projectiles Shields
Paranid Paranid Sectors Terracorp M4 Wares
Pirates Pirate Sectors PTNI M5
Split Split Sectors M6
Teladi Teladi Sectors M7
Terran Terran Sectors M8
Kha'ak Kha'ak Sectors TS
Xenon Xenon Sectors TL
Yaki Yaki Sectors TM
Unknown Sectors TP
Universe Map Misc