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Today, the Argon Federation is wealthy and encompasses a large number of very different types of planets. Some are deserts while others are icy wastes. The planet Argon Prime is the heart of the Federation and is the seat of the government and all other administration. It is also one of the most exciting planets in the X Universe. Not only is it the home of culture, science and learning, one can also find the finest entertainment. In Addition to the finest Geodesic Holiday homes it also offers thousands of bars, restaurants, theaters, casinos, holosuites, cinemas, holiday villas, everything, in fact, that makes it the finest rest and recreation center in any known universe.

The Argon Federation is governed by an elected parliament. Each city, colony and space station represented by senators elected by their electorate. The leader of the Argon Parliament is called The President. Currently, a male Argon called Frann Herron holds this position.

Ship Information[edit]

The Argon build the most balanced ships in the X-Universe. One can see the boron influence that mirrors their joint development. When you buy an Argon ship you get a good all-around, versatile vessel. In addition, since the Argon do not share the peaceful nature of the Boron, you may be able to install the Mass Driver Gatling gun. This weapon was developed according to specifications found in some old documents. The Split were so impressed by this weapon that they paid enormous licensing fees so that they could manufacture it as well.

With the development of the Nova, an M3 class fighter and successor of the aging Elite, the Argon were the first race to install a rear turret in a heavy fighter. Technologically advanced shipyards enable the Argon to build better ships by increasing shield capacity and improving engine performance. Whereas, in the past, you may have laughed about the old Elite, it is a different story today. Although the Nova is still one of the slowest heavy fighters, her fire power will quickly silence any critics. Similar upgrades were installed in the Buster, an M4 fighter, and the newly introduced Argon Centaur Corvette, while the Elite has since been redesigned and brought back into service.


Core Worlds[edit]

Border Worlds[edit]

Unknown Sectors[edit]

Illegal Wares[edit]


Lv Title
10 Hero of the Federation
9 Protector of the Federation
8 Federation Overwatch
7 Federation Marshall
6 Federation Guardian
5 Trusted Ally
4 Accepted Advisor
3 Confirmed Friend
2 Federation Associate
1 Federation Member
0 Citizen
-1 Suspected Foe
-2 Known Antagonist
-3 Confirmed Insurgent
-4 Confirmed Enemy
-5 Enemy of the Federation